Magnus Sheep Yard Design

Select from one of many Magnus Sheepyard designs built from Standard Magnus Gates and Panels, Ramps, and Races to our design or modified to your design. For a quotation send us a rough sketch of the design you favour and we will compute the cost for you.

Portable/Towable Sheep Yards

Towable Sheepyard

Can be set up anywhere by one person.

  • 20, 22 or 30 Panel Options
  • Mesh, 6 Rail or 7 Rail Panels
  • 10-Foot Blinded Race with three-way draft exit
  • Strong Interlocking System Allows for Uneven Ground
  • Holden HT Rims and Tyres
  • Wheels Mounted on Drawbar so no Pneumatics or Jacks Required

Fixed Sheep Yards

Magnus designs or your own.

  • 6 or 7 rail options
  • Double flagged panels with 25 NB centre post
  • End posts concreted 600mm in ground
  • 25 NB gate frames on all gates
  • Heavy duty gate hinges
  • Free on-site quotes in South Australia
  • Erection quotes available
  • Manufactured using hi-tensile BHP steel
  • Hinges and clamps supplied by Elgate

Sheepyard Ramps (Adjustable)

Sheep Ramp

  • Available from 9′ to 24 ‘ Long (Ground to 4th Deck)
  • Mesh or Blinded Sides
  • Hardwood Floor, Mesh Overlay
  • Heavy Duty Jarrett Winch on Adjustable Ramps
  • Optional Catwalks Available on Longer Ramps

Drafting Race

Drafting Race
  • Height 900mm
  • Width 450mm
  • 3.6m long. 3 way draft
  • Fully galvanised
  • Two blocking gates

Bulk Feeders (18 Bag Sheep Feeder)

  • This product is a larger feeder with a weather proof cover. It’s an ideal ram feeder
  • Manufactured without lid & weathershield for shed feeder, it comes equipped with an adjustable flow rate
  • The heights of the stand vary according to the size of the animal to be fed