Fixed Cattle Yards

Fixed Cattle Yards
  • Magnus designs or your own
  • New yards or additions/repairs to existing yards
  • Free on-site quotes in South Australia
  • Double flagged panels set 600mm in concrete for maximum strength
  • Erection quotes available
  • Manufactured using hi-tensile BHP steel
  • Hinges and clamps supplied by Elgate

Towable Adjustable Ramp

Standard Crush

Cattle Crush
  • Includes walk through Bail Head
  • Gate on both sides
  • Sheet metal kick plates
  • One way sliding gate
  • Ratchet backing system
  • Length 2400 mm, Height 2170 mm, Width 740 mm
Cattle Crush
  • Fully Galvanised Construction
  • Walkthrough Headbail
  • Positive Action, Silent Closing Mechanism on Headbail – No Ratchet
  • Gates on Both Sides of Crush
  • Ratchet Anti-backing System
  • Rear Sliding Gate with Nylon Rollers and Safety Latch
  • Optional – Split Gate, Rear Close, Vet Access, Chin Bar and Baulk Gate

Portable/Towable Cattle Yards

Towable Cattle Ramp
Take your yard to the cattle.

  • Strongly built, the yard includes ramp, headbail & 19 assorted panels
  • Trailer incorporates pipe/rail cattle ramp with side kick plate
  • Standard unit has approximately 50 steer holding capacity
  • 50 mm ball coupling with safety chain
  • Rugged trailer axle with 16″ wheels
  • Trailer tilts for easy cattle access to ramp
  • Stands to lock trailer into work position
Towable Cattle Ramp
  • 3.6m Towable ramp
  • Hardwood Floor with RHS grip
  • Detachable A Frame
  • Standard Unit – 13 panels, 5 gates, 1 headbail and 1 sliding gate
  • Works 25 Head

Cattle Race

  • 2.6m long with sliding gate on one end
  • 8 rails on sides and sliding gate
  • Bolts onto concrete pad
  • Ideal for weighing animals

Weigh Box

Cattle Weigh Box
  • 2.6m long
  • Heavy duty galvanised steel construction
  • Timber sides for EID compatability
  • 1.6mm galvanised sheet kickplates 600 mm high
  • Optional sliding gate on front

Deluxe Cattle Ramp

Cattle Ramp
  • 3.6m incline with 1.5m platform
  • Blinded to the fourth rail
  • Fully blinded side optional
  • Concrete or timber floor
  • Cat walk
  • Driver’s side gate for access to truck

Standard Adjustable Cattle Ramp

Cattle Ramp
  • 3.6m long
  • 150 x 50 Creosote pine timber floor with RHS grips
  • Bolts onto a concrete pad
  • Height – adjustable for truck or trailer height or Deluxe adjustable (with winch)
  • All ramps include 1.6 mm galvanised kick plates
  • Blinded sides and catwalk available on request

Cattle Feeder

Cattle Feeder
Cattle Feeder 8′ Specifications.

  • 2.7m. wide x 2.0m. high x 2.5m. overall length
  • All 1.6mm Galvabond with RSJ Skid base and lid frame work of 32mm square galv tubing
  • 5.5 cubic m
  • capacity in standard 2.5m
  • feeder, normally about 3.5t of normal density feed (quantity varies with density of feed)
  • Slides -to limit animals intake of food – wholeoat rations, entire cracked grain etc.

Also available is a 4′ cattle feeder.

Hay Feeder

  • 8’6″ x 5′ x 4′ high
  • Keeps bale off the ground in wet conditions
  • Suitable for round or large square bales